It's time for real badtime stories !

This program, to have a party at a friend's house, is an activity that young people still do today. Student parties, sleepovers, bachelor parties, bachelor parties, these are classic events that don't even deserve to talk about them. But when this party turns into a bad day, we're all stunned.

To dominate a man by the bdsm

It is rare to see a scene of sexual torture with the man as a victim. Jerry is a man who likes sex, girls and he's a stripper. He's here because the two girls called him to host a girls' night out. The contract is a little heavy that Jerry is excited to come to the place. As soon as he arrived on the site, he was still surprised by the silence that reigned over the place, but both reassured that the celebration was taking place in the basement so as not to wake the neighbors. All in all, it's a sadomasochistic hardcore room. But Jerry seems to like this idea, even if it's a surprise and he didn't want to leave, he wanted to try the experience of the badtime stories.

Jerry in front of the two dominators

When they arrive in the room, the two-dominatrix tie Jerry with chains to immobilize him and start whipping him to the maximum. Almost unintentionally, Jerry's dick gets harder and harder when faced with the treatment of his new masters, who keep beating him, and even spitting in his face. In addition, one of their new masters will press and inhibit their eggs with the corresponding instrument of torture. Something that, far from hurting, excites Jerry a little. The hot candle oil spilled on her chest. Sometime later, one of the lovers starts sucking his cock while squeezing both testicles at the same time as the other caresses him.

It seems that our man can't handle such a high level of excitement and feels so excited that he wants to burst. Well, that's fine, but Jerry happens to be having a bad day.

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