Now, you can even make your perfect partner

Having an inflatable doll is a dream for some men so imagine having a silicone doll. This second type of doll is an improved version of the inflatable doll. At the base, it has the same structure and the same destination. This just means that the idea is there but that in the final appearance of the product, the silicone love doll is much better than the inflatable.

Love doll, inflatable or silicone

If we really have to make the choice, the answer will be unanimous. The doll in pure silicone will win the bet because it has attributes and qualities that classic inflatable dolls do not have. Also, although both products coexist on the market, the choice seems very easy. Then, the big difference would be first on the new look of the doll. The inflatable doll is a kind of balloon that has holes and that can be fucked. It must therefore be inflated to use and can be stored afterwards. Contrary to this, the silicone love doll has been well studied. It has a skeleton, so it looks like a human, after it is covered with a skin that also looks like real skin except that it is silicone and finally it has A well-defined face like beautiful women. It is the ideal companion in doll version.

Have your own doll

The silicone doll is actually an adult toy. The fact of having one is already interesting because it can be tumbled, sodomized or ask for a blowjob at will without problem. And it is strong enough to support the many practices and positions that will be inflicted on it. In any case, you need to know where to find love doll. The most common sellers is certainly on the Internet. The price is quite variable depending on the shop and the origin of the product. There are some that come from Asia and that are of very good quality but it can be different in other origins. The price of the most sophisticated dolls can go up to 10,000 euro for a life size.

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